All the girls standing in the line for the bathroom

[Verse 1 - Kanye West]
Hey do you have any black inside you?
Would you like some? (Like some?)
Ha, you know you got a right to do whatever you like to
Don C, we got the right one, that right one
In the club, always the flyest
Always got her hands the highest
She stopped drinking Diet Coke
She on that coke diet
She bat, she bat her eyelids
That girl is so wired
I know she so tired, but ooh, she on fire
Hundred dollar bill, look at you, look at you
A hundred dollar bills, this ain't new, this ain't new
From that Paris, Lindsay, Britney, Mary-Kate and Whitney
People say that they clean, motherfucker don't bullshit me

All the girls standing in the line for the bathroom
All the girls standing in the line for the bathroom
All the girls standing in the (all the girls standing in the)
All the girls standing in the line for the bathroom

[Verse 2 - Pharrell]
You left your nigga home
You said you at your sister's
You and your girlfriends' wrong
You in here taking pictures
You ain't gotta tell us
You spending daddy's cash
Your girlfriend's jealous
You got the fattest ass
One down to pee, one trying to leave
It's hot as fuck but you just dying to ski
It's clear as black and white, like a fat panda
Your brain is Magic City
Your nose is Atlanta
I said think about your future
You can't do that tomorrow
But you don't hear a word, you see that SLR
You like "Hey Pharrell, I ain't trying to kill your mood
But I can do the Star Trak sign; see? Killa dude"


[Verse 3 - Lupe Fiasco]
Now she got high hopes
Just to say hi to us
She want the high life
She like them higher ups
She know we high rolling
She know it's high stakes
That's why she high speeding, out on that highway
She say she high maintenance
She say she high fashion
She say she high priced
I think she high cap'n
She had her high heels, I had my high tops
Sipping a Hi-Ceating a Hydrox
I asked her how it feel up on this high rise
She said this high score, this was the highlight
She got her hi-Pod bumpin' her hi-Tunes
This higher education; welcome to high school


[Verse 4 - Pusha T]
Like I got a crown made of powder
Everybody knows who the king of the coke flow be
All I hear is "oh, key" every line is "oh, key"
All you rappers okey-dokey
Nigga, you don't paint pictures
I paint Murakamis on you niggas
And Daimer Speedy Bag, bitches
Buy and sell, I can accommodate your clientele
Shamu weight, motherfucker, breaks your scales
P to the usha, with a name like that, what you look for
More or less like P with the hook up
Hit me on the bat phone if you want it cooked up
Ride with me, as I'm switching lane to lane
In my Play Cloths as I'm gripping grain
In a hail of bullets how I write my name
Whether soft or hard, motherfucker, 'caine is 'caine

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